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1) Tip: Escaping The Junk
2) Tip: Punching A Hybrid
3) Question: Swing Easier For Better Ball-striking
4) Article: Match Stroke and Posture To Sink More Putts
5) Article: What To Pack For A Golf Trip

1) Learning How To Escape The Junk Shot

Most of us miss the fairway more often than we’d care to admit. If we’re lucky when we miss, the ball lands just off the fairway or in light rough and we still have a shot at the green. If we’re not lucky, the ball lands in heavy, thick grass—the junk, as some golfers like to call to it—and we have no shot at the green. The grass here is so deep and thick it covers nearly all the ball. In fact, you can just see the top of it. Getting out of the junk is never easy.

Below are eight keys to escaping the junk:

  1. Stand closer to the ball
  2. Choke up a few inches
  3. Aim slightly right of target
  4. Play the ball back of center
  5. Increase your grip pressure
  6. Forward press your hands
  7. Hinge the club quickly
  8. Swing down sharply
This shot is resembles a sand shot except instead of sliding your club through the sand, you’ll slam it steeply into the back of the ball. You’ll need to make a few adjustments to your normal stance and swing as well.

If you can see the top of the ball, use either and 8-iron or 9-iron for this shot. If you can see only a small circle on top of the ball, use a sand wedge.

Stand closer to the ball, play it back in your stance, and choke up on the club while you increase your grip pressure. Choking up gives you a bit more leverage on your swing and increasing grip pressures prevents the club from turning in your hands. Aim slightly right of target and forward press the shaft. You want it leaning towards the target.

On your back swing hinge the club quickly. You want your wrists cocked by the time your hands reach your thighs. From the top, swing down sharply. You want to feel as if you’re pulling the handle down into the ball. Keep your legs quiet.

You’re goal here is to get the ball out onto the fairway. If you can do that, you’ve done your job.

2) Punching A Hybrid

Some of us are low-ball hitters. Others are high-ball hitters. Being a high-ball hitter is a problem if your drive lands just off the rough but under a tree. Your normal shot is likely to hit a branch and carom off into more trouble. You need a controlled, low flying shot that flies under the tree’s limbs for some distance. It’s the kind of shot that’s ideal for long irons, but you’ve replaced your them with hybrids.

Below are six keys to punching a hybrid:

  • Stand behind the ball
  • Select a target
  • Address the ball with a narrow stance
  • Shift your weight and grip down
  • Make a three quarter backswing
  • Turn back and through the ball
You can punch a hybrid from under a tree as long as you don’t add loft to the clubface.

Start by standing behind the ball and picking out a target. Picture the shot trajectory you want to hit and then address the ball. Take a narrow stance by setting your feet under your hips. Shift your weight forward and choke down about an inch on the club. These adjustments bring you closer to the ball.

Start low and slow and make a three-quarter backswing. Use a lot of body turn but try to stay centered over the ball. Staying centered is key to the shot. Now turn your back to the ball. Avoid any excess hand action. It can only get you in trouble. The ball will come out low and hot and travels about 75 percent of your normal hybrid distance.

Try making a few practice swings before hitting the ball. Check that the Vs of your grip, your clubshaft, and your back shin all point to your forward shoulder at impact. If they do, you’ll subtract loft from the clubface at impact, resulting in the kind of low shot you need to escape the tree.

3) Golf Tip Question: Swing Easier For Better Ball-striking

Hi, Jack:

I have a tendency to swing too hard, thinking that the harder I swing the further the ball flies. My iron shots are usually thin and to the left. Are there any exercises that I could use to slow me down and improve my contact?

Tim Brown


Good question, Tim. It’s a swing fault many weekend golfers commit. When you try to swing too hard you disrupt your rhythm, timing and tempo, which in turn inhibits ballstriking. It also causes you to tighten your hands, arms, and shoulders, slowing swing speed. Instead of making solid contact, you hit the ball thin with little power or slice it to one side.

The key to generating solid contact is to stay under control and swing about 75 to 80 percent, which enhances rhythm, timing, and tempo. Do that and you’ll not only make better contact, you’ll also hit the ball farther and straighter. Below are two drills that help you slow your swing down, improve ballstriking, and generate power without swinging harder:

Drill 1

This drill improves tempo, timing, and rhythm:

Next time you’re at the practice range try hitting your irons only 70 percent of the distance you normally hit them. To do this you’ll need to slow your swing down and stay under control, enhancing rhythm, timing, and tempo. You’ll be surprised how much your ball striking improves.

Drill 2

This drill teaches you to generate power while swinging easy:

Take your stance. Then put a coin on the top of your front shoe. Now take some practice swings. Swing easy. The trick is to make your swing without knocking the coin off your shoe. If the coin falls off, your front leg is collapsing or falling backward at impact. Once you’re mastered the practice swing, hit balls with the coin on the top of your shoe. Then hit some without the coin. Swing about 70 to 80 percent.

This drill forces you to brace your front foot against the ground at impact, creating leverage for power. It also helps you rotate your body through the swing and whip your arms through the hitting zone. Mastering this technique helps you drive the ball farther without swinging harder.

Take these special golf tips and apply them to your game no matter what level you are!

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